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Welcome to Inspire Kids Center!


Inspire Kids Center (IKC) provides before and after school care for school age children.  IKC is a home away from home environment, where kids will engage in many of the same activities that they would if they were in their own home. IKC seeks to build relationships with children, parents, and schools. It desires to be a place where children will establish friendships, learn valuable life skills, and seek out new adventures.  IKC welcomes school age children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Kids' Paintings

Inspire Kids Center

exists to 

partner with

families by

providing a safe and caring environment

that fosters


learning &







Meet our Director- Mrs. Robin luther
Robin is a native Washingtonian and has lived in the Woodbridge area for almost 20 years.  After
working in the tech field as a Systems Analyst, she decided it was time to stay home full time with
her three children.  She began homeschooling them and when the oldest was ready for college, she
returned to the workforce and enrolled the two youngest in school.  She was employed at a small
Christian school that provided education for 3-year-olds to 12th grade. She served as the office manager, assisting the principal with the day-to-day operations of the school, and coordinated many special events. She also taught technology classes to both the elementary and high school students including a Robotics class.  Robin holds a B.A. Business Administration and a Masters in Computer Systems Applications.  She has served in children’s church ministry practically her entire life including Sunday morning children’s worship, VBS, Inspire Church Game Changers and many other areas.  
Her passion is educating children and equipping them to succeed in life, whether it be learning about a famous artist, how to use the computer, reading a classic book, making robots move to commands, helping to prepare a recipe in the kitchen, or equipping kids with life skills like how to be more confident, to persevere, be motivated and be a team player.  Robin generally just loves having fun with children, hence the IKC core value of FUN. Don’t be surprised if you find her one day highly engaged in reading a funny story to the kids, playing a board game, or shooting hoops.

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Employment Information

We are committed to hiring individuals who are passionate about working with elementary children and who can intuitively identify with our core values of teamwork, fun, trust, inspiration, and acceptance.  If this resonates with you, we want to hear from you!  

We are actively recruiting additional staff now, including a Program Manager, Group Leaders and Group Aides. See job descriptions below for more information. Please download and fill out the employment application      and return to  We look forward to hearing from you!

Program Manager:  The Program Manager will love working with children and enjoy organizing and planning fun activities including, ART projects, STEM, and character building games for them. The Program Manager will provide daily direction, instruction and guidance to Group Leaders and Aides by communicating clear instructions and expectations for daily activities and special projects at the Inspire Kids Center. The Program Manager will develop strategies for scheduling and conducting daily activities. The Program Manager will have knowledge of all of the polices and operational procedures of the Center and will operate the center when the Director is out of the building. This is a part time position; 20-30 hours per week.

Group Leader: Responsible for supervising a group of children, and assisting children in participating in the activities offered at the center by providing instruction, encouragement, and assistance.  The Group Leader will have a genuine interest in the growth and development of children, be able to provide a safe, nurturing, and fun environment, and be able to establish authority through leadership, communication, and patience giving children the stability and nurturing atmosphere needed to succeed.  This is a part-time position, 15-30 hours per week, August -June.

Group Aide Responsible for assisting in supervising a group of children.  The Group Aide will assist children in participating in the activities offered at the center by providing instruction, encouragement, and assistance, making their time fun and enjoyable.  This is a part-time position, 6-15 hours per week, August - June.


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