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Download Brightwheel today from the App Store or Google Play

Brightwheel offers a unique way for parents to keep “in touch” with what is happening with their children while in the care of IKC.  Each room is equipped with a Brightwheel enabled tablet that can be used by staff to communicate with you while your child is in our care. 
For example, staff are able to send you pictures of your child working on a special project and send email updates on how their day is going or respond to any questions.

The Brightwheel management software was selected specifically for its focus on helping to keep the staff, child and parent connected.  This is one way we hope to build stronger relationships and bridge a partnership with parents and staff which ultimately supports our core value of teamwork.   


Brightwheel app phone shot.png

Features include:

  • Signing your child in/out

  • Communication with Staff

  • Photo & Videos

  • Calendars

  • Online bill pay for parents

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